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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

Subject:Book Survey
Time:9:33 pm.
Mood: frustrated.
All right, all right...I'll do it *grin*.

Total number of books I own:

Probably around fifty. I'm still working on reading them all, though - I have a terrible habit of finding all these books at the book store that I would love to read, but never finding the time to sit down and read them.

The last book I bought:

Let's see...Either The Ladies Coupe or Cat's Cradle. Before that, The Namesake. So amazing; if you have never read it, you need to. Right now.

The last book I read:

Five Quarters of the Orange. It's by the same author as Chocolat, and really worth the read.

Five books that have great meaning to me:

The Power of Myth. I feel like you cannot fully accept your own religion unless you can understand and accept the aspects of other religions, and this book is a great intro to the study of Comparative Religion. Even if you don't believe a word of it, it's still fascinating subject matter to ponder over.

The Bridge. Science fiction book that my brother bought for me on a whim. It's so beautifully done, and ties in viruses, Hinduism, love, and aliens. What's not to love?

The Bible (and the teachings of Buddha). I love the Bible. I love reading it and reflecting over verses. I do the same thing now that I'm reading about the life of Buddha in my Religion class - it's incredible how similar the lives of Buddha and Jesus are. Although I don't know that I have the gumption at this point in my life to go out in the desert/sit under a Bodhi tree for forty days (smile).

Pride and Prejudice. I want to be Elizabeth Bennet. She's an inspiration to all women - she is cool, sassy, not afraid to speak her mind, and will not settle for anything less than true love. And we all can do it - any woman can get the man (or woman) of their dreams. Sometimes, you just have to realize that it takes more time that we would like. I'm slightly obsessed with the A&E verision of the book, and I love reading it over and over again.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles. It makes me cry. That's all.

I tag...Amanda, and Brittany. Go!
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Sunday, September 18th, 2005

Time:10:48 pm.
Mood: calm.
So in lieu of reading my history/politics articles, I give you the Oberlin College edition of my blog.

First and foremost, Oberlin is amazing. The only way to describe it is deliciously random and amazingly awkward. There are so many things that go on here, all the time...and most of them are very, very random.

I live in Fairchild...a small dorm with a co-op in the basement. Co-ops are basically communes - belonging to a co-op means that you all take turns taking care of the place (cooking, cleaning, etc.). I'm not in the co-op, although I think it would be a great experience. I'm rooming with a girl named Liz from Wellesley, MA - she's pretty amazing. She has a digerido in the closet that she pulls out during study breaks and owns the entire Monty Python...everything. I love her. Right now we are both procrastinating.

Soccer is amazing, as well. All the girls are wonderful. Nora is here, and there's a girl named Betsy who is pretty amazing, as well. I'm so glad to have come here.

So, so glad.
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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Subject:Crying for the Mormons
Time:12:26 am.
Mood: sad.
So, in the waning days before Oberlin becons, I have been spending more and more time with my friends. So last night, Amanda, Jen, Brittany, Bryant, Brennan, and myself, were all sitting around Amanda's living room when Bryant decided to tell us a story.

Our friend, Ben, has been dating a Mormon girl Noelle for the past two years. He is completely trained by her - if she mentions that she doesn't like someone, he will stop talking to them, etc., etc. Well, apparantly our friend has decided that, last Sunday, he would become a Mormon. His family, being hardcore Catholic, has decided to withdraw any and all support from him, and with him spending so much time with Noelle and shunning the world, any friends that he had before are more distant than he probably needs right now.

So Ben, who responds to the word "Metallica" moreso than his own name, knows every Metallica riff both on the guitar and on the drumset, and enjoys chasing squirrels across the golf coarse with a golf cart, has become a Mormon. Because of his girlfriend? He denies it, but...Ben is not the type to put much thought towards religion. Does he realize that he will have to take a two year mission trip and shun all electronics and media that does not have to deal with the Mormon faith? That he can no longer be late to work because Metallica is on the radio...because he's not allowed to listen to Metallica?

What's more is that he wants to marry Noelle. He's made it perfectly clear. Now, he's going to Tri-C to major in...something...and after he is going to marry her, the girl that has him so whipped he can't see straight.

We are worried about him. We, as a group, tried to discuss ways to talk to Ben, but (being ADD, or ADHD in Brennan's case) we did not come to a ready conclusion. What was concluded was this; If Ben is doing all this, and he is happy about it, then more power to him. If Ben is doing all this because Noelle is telling him he's happy with it...then that's a problem that we felt we had to address.

But I guess, in the end, it's none of our damn business. I just hope that Ben is happy. That's what I really want.

Here are pictures - maybe this will explain why we are ADD.
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Sunday, August 7th, 2005

Time:12:04 am.
Mood: contemplative.
I suppose it is time, as I am leaving for college, to reflect upon the people I have met throughout my high school career. Upon reflection, I don't know that so many people get so lucky. I attended a public high school in a very small community...pretty mundane circumstances. What occurred from this typical high school experience was an atypical, tight knit group of twenty or more people who honestly love each other. It was jokingly said once that none of us date anyone because we all date each other - we always see each other, we always hang out with each other, we are always laughing with one another. And at the risk of committing the act that is the downfall of Western Civilization - over generalization - I'm going to give you a run down of some of the kinds of people that comprise this group that I love.

Susannah - Gung-ho feminist/democrat. Pro-choice, anti-Bush, and has the bumper sticker "Uppity Women Unite" on the back of her car.

Peter - Gung-ho conservative. Stood outside the 30 ft. perimeter that's put around the voting booths with a Bush sign on election day. Attends rifle association rallies. Has to electrify his Bush sign that is put in his yard because it was stolen so many times. Mormon, who is going to school in Utah.

Brennan - The "Half-Assed Mormon", who does not believe in God. Plays video games...a lot. Likes Dungeons and Dragons, Medieval things, dragons and swords. Loves rock music and chinese food/culture.

Ben - Responds to the words "guitar" and "Metallica" moreso than his own name. Can play any Metallica song on his guitar. A theatre man - does one-act shows with his best friend, Bryant. Loves Pirates of the Caribbean, and worships Johnny Depp.

Josh - Knows more about computers and equipment than anyone alive. Visits different Churches on Sunday just to experience them - he says that Korean services are his favorite. Does marital arts, knows about swords and knives. Doing a double major in computer engineering and mechanics.

Jeff - Military man, enrolled in the ROTC. His father is over in Iraq, and his mother lives in Korea - he's half Korean. Reads Dune like the Bible and is a philosopher at heart...when he's not kicking our butts in DDR.

Dan - Navy man...been enrolled in the junior navy for many, many years. Goes away frequently on trips to train - Hawaii, Camp Perry, etc. Likes anime, and likes to read about all sorts of things. Also likes guns.

Kristen - The embodiment of Christianity on Earth. Always sweet, always loving, always caring about everyone. Not in any way promiscuous or heinous, nor does she watch or tolerate anything as such. She is pure, and loving...and has been dating Brennan for the past three years.

Amanda - Fun. That's the best way to describe her. She's a hooker on the Rugby team, and loves anything that lets her laugh - she has the best laugh that I have ever heard. Hates Bush - has a poster of Bush-isms on her wall and openly despises him whenever she can. Loves life, but hates Catholicism - goes every week to please her mum.

Jen - Logical, and fun. One of the most intelligent in our group, and the most mature. Dislikes Bush, church, and conservatives in general. But is kind to all people, and is the most refined person that you will ever meet...even though she's very clumsy.

Brittany - Hardworking and loving. Lives with four sisters 12 and younger...she is one of the more mature and logical people in our group. Does not believe in church...been with too many uptight Christians to have faith in the religion. She is one of the most fun and witty people that you will ever meet.

Melissa - Artistic. Beautiful. Everyone has been in love with Mel at one point. Can talk to anyone about anything...nobody feels left out when with her. Loves life, and loves to paint...takes the artistic view of everything, from life to her clothing.

Chris - Fun and witty. Openly gay, and works at Lannings (brings good cake to parties!) Is the best DDR player, and is the most open jokster that we have. Always makes sure to come to parties, and plays DnD with all the guys (Jeff, Brennan, etc)

Stephanie - Got a 1580 on her SAT, and has read most books written in English. Intelligent, loving, and quiet...falls for men who can use "soiree" in conversation. She is humble about her intellect, and is always willing to help. She is the most liberal person in our group, and always has a witty or sardonic comment to add.

Bryant - Theatre man. Does community plays and one-acts with his friend, Ben. Works at Buehlers with Sam and Jeff...hates it, and tries to do less work everytime he goes. Adventurous, outgoing, and athletic...going to a Catholic School.

I guess that this won't be important to anyone but...me...but I felt the need to write about it. There are others in our group, all special to me, but I highlight these just to show some of the differences between us. Maybe I am naive, and young, but sometimes I find it hard to believe that such different people can not only learn to co-exist, not only to respect each other, but to genuinely love and adore each other and enjoy spending time together. I mean, all these different people routinely sit together in lounges and in each other's houses and talk until dawn. Is this what most people do? I don't know if what we have is unique, but from the slim sliver of the world that I have experienced...I've never met anyone like us.

It's an experience that I feel confident in saying that I don't think many people have. I, We, are lucky to have each other. Learning to live with so many different opinions and people is, for lack of a better term, awesome. I learn something everyday, I hear different opinions and views, I witness beliefs in work, everyday. We learn from each other, and how to respect each other...and ourselves. Nobody has the right to judge anyone, here...everyone is welcome, and nobody within the group is judged by anyone else...it is a completely open, safe group of radicals and conservatives, who have learned how to love each other completely. I don't know how often that happens, but probably not very.

I will miss them horribly and tearfully when I leave.
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Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

Subject:Awkwardly Immediate
Time:10:55 pm.
Soccer Camp at Oberlin!

What a fun trip...I'll give you the highlights

1. Made the soccer team! Now I'm just battling out for playing time...hopefully I'll be able to compete with some of the college girls

2. Had the coolest room mate ever. Her name was Nora, and she has been to every corner of the globe. South Africa for a month to help in an AIDS clinic, Costa Rica to help with a Bike Co-op, Belize, Italy, France, England, Spain for a month to work on her Spanish...the list goes on and on. She works in a bar - the 5 to 3 AM shift - in Washington DC. She tells the greatest stories about living in the city, and life in general...I liked spending time with her, and I hope that we get to be roomies in college.

3. Turf and Zack. Too bad they were both in love with Nora.

4. A kid named Brad trying to sell weed outside of the dorm, under the tree...right outside my dorm room. "Yeah, well, my dime bags are bigger than his dime bags...shit man, I gotta talk to my hook-up". Somehow, he believed that going outside meant that nobody could hear him trying to pass off his pot. Well, my sports bra was hanging out the window, right over his head...that should be a clue that someone is listening.

5. Trying to explain tornadoes to people from the East Coast. Apparently, they don't get them there...Morgan,Nora, Hope, and Sarah were completely freaking out during the thunderstorm that we had, and kept asking if we were going to have a tornado. They were also flabbergasted that we had tornado exits and tornado drills. It was very funny - I guess I was very naive in thinking that tornadoes happened everywhere.

6. Sweating more on Monday than I ever had in my entire life...we had three two hour sessions per day, and it was at least 100 degrees outside with humidity. I was so exhausted...and dorm rooms do not have AC. My shirt still isn't dry.

7. Had to wear the same two shirts everyday! They reek. I have to wash everything in my bag because they all smell like those shirts.

8. Morgan, from Rhode Island, the Keeper...Hope and Sarah, from Buffalo, NY. What nice girls :) .

9. All the Oberlin High School girls. Oberlin High just got girls soccer two years ago (so Title IX was just lost on them for so many years? They have guys soccer), so they sent all their new players to our camp to be trained. Although they didn't have much experience, they were real nice girls.

10. Living in the French Dorm. If there was an emergency, we would all die - all the instructions were in French.

11. Watching War of the Worlds for the second time in the Oberlin Movie Theatre, and eating so much popcorn I could have barfed.

12. The tofu tetrazini, the only good food the cafe served.

There's so much more...things that were hilarious, that I can't think of right now. I think college will be a lot of fun...here's hoping, at any rate.
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Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Subject:Running and Ani
Time:11:19 pm.
Mood: anxious.
I realized today that running has become an integral part of my life. Not being able to charge off on a three mile jaunt has incapacitated me...quite literally. I was bored out of my mind today, trying to rest up my ankle, and ended up walking those three miles around the house, trying to find something to do. The wash is all done, at any rate.

I find it hard to imagine people who do not like to exercise. Without something to sweat off the cares of the day, how do people make it through the week? The answer is, of coarse, obvious; different people react in different ways to different things, and have completely different methods of handling situations. To put everyone on my meterstick is selfish.

I wonder if anyone else gets a high off of their coping strategy like I do off of running, though. When you are running, it's just you and the pavement, just your feet crunching, just the morning sun and dew and you. Everystep is a fight and a party - it reminds you that you're alive, and lets you get away from life, all at the same time. You feel cleaner, feel fresher, after you run, feel like you can take on the world. Now, I ask you, can moonpies do that? :).

Finshed Harry Potter! Very interesting book...but I won't spoil it here :) . Also finishing "The Fifth Quarter of the Orange". Trying to finish all of Mr. Snook's reading list before summer is out...sigh.
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

Subject:Ankles and Fan Fiction
Time:12:52 pm.
Mood: complacent.
For my first entry, I'm here on my back with an ice pack - Hinckley Lake decided to take revenge on my ankle today while I was taking a morning run. So much for my productive day off from JoAnn Fabrics, in which I was going to workout and go grocery shopping.

Oh, well...this leaves room for more intellectual contemplations, seeing as I cannot dedicate myself to running myself into the ground. Today, I think it will be fan fiction.

Fan fiction is one of the best and worst things that has happened in my life. I'm utterly addicted...to the point, I've noticed, that I forget that there is a real life around me, with people and friends and loves. My incentive for reading and writing it is not so different from everyone else; I use it as an escape, as a way to act out my desires and my wants. I found this out when analyzing the type of stories I enjoy. As a fan fiction junkie, I'm a classic romantic - I love any ship, and reading about people falling and being in love. In real life, I've refused to date for the past two years, and won't watch chick flicks with my girlfriends. I guess that some of the things I read are what I really want - a decent romantic relationship.

So why not bridge the gap? Why not let myself develop the type of relationship that I enjoy reading about in real life, with someone? Well, obviously, fan fiction is safer. Things work out the way you want them to, as well - you've a bit more control there than you do in real life. But living vicariously through fan fiction is no way to live at all.

Sad, this is :) . Obviously we've all got to go out and live...as much as I love all the people that I've met through betaing, life is best when balanced - in my case, between the world of online and RL.

Well, JoAnn Fabric's just called...wanted me to go into work tonight. Damn them.
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